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i haven't written in here for a long time....havent really had any major issues over the summer. People say they've grown and matured over the summer, i basically just had fun, which was great. I dont think i changed a whole lot, altho i think my alcohol tolerance went up :P It was a great summer, did what i wanted to do, and enjoyed all of it.

This seems to be a recurring issue amoung us, but i'm also feeling the lack of direction in my life right now. I guess i'm at a crossroads, but i dont even know what they are. Something changed int he last 3 days, and i dont even know how. i dont even know, i dont even know...i sound like a megagh :P lol

I really like chem eng, but dont trust my abilities whatsoever. i keep thinking that i cant be capable of all the stuff that a chemical engineer is supposed to do, which is the wrong and a bad attitude, but i dont know how to fix that. im thinking i need to become a keener. or at least a pseudo-keener...anything with a strong direction to it. ive concluded that i am not the smartest person going, but if i work super hard i can make that up. theres so many engineers in the world and maybe 10% of them were at the top pf their class. so maybe i can make it too. the chem eng conference in october in toronto will help with that. seeing the opportunites available to me will get me motivated, im sure. so thanks guys for going to the hockey game in november, i need to go to this conference.

Like Meaghan said, the life plan is getting lost. it seemed so simple. but now its pretty much just confusing. too many open ended questions....its not a good to thing to think about for a long time. I gotta figure out who i am, and what i want to do. both things i thought i knew at one time....sorry for being preachy, but i feel like we're all having these same issues atm. at least we're not all alone :)

so things im going to do this year:
- eat food. ive been lacking on that one lately
- get smart (wont happen, but i can work harder and try my best....pseudo-keener here i come)
- have fun (its more than just working...im thinking soccer, climbing, possibly kayaking and the Formula 1 SAE car, since i got addicted to F1 this summer, if you dont believe me, come see my new car)
- attempt to figure out who i am....this prolly will take longer than 1 year, and will prolly continue to change
- listen in class....i always day dream and get lost in classes, its a problem
- stop falling off curbs....im trying to curb that habit as per glen's advice

thats about it. things are changing this year.....why wasnt i warned of this???
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Everything turned around yesterday. I got the job!! :D Administrative Assistant at Professional Investments Kingston. It's basically doing office work, mon-friday. I called and quit the boathouse, my last day is wednesday. The job was pretty fun, and I would have stayed with it if I could have stayed on as a waitress. I'm still not entirely sure why I was the only waitress to be made a bus person....there are a few who were worse than me. oh well, it all worked out and I'll have a lot of fun for the rest of this summer.

I bought a membership at the Boiler Room last night. Ive been going quite a bit with Simon and Megan and its a lot of fun. And im getting better at it. I want to be able to climb 5.8's by the endof the summer. ive been stuck at 5.6 for a long time.

Today is my last Day-o-Fun. Im gonna go to the mall and buy new clothes for work, its a pretty fancy place.
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Happy Canada Day

Yay Canada Day, and yay long weekend. oh wait, i have to work. and oh yeah, everyone else who s working makes about $200 a day....i get 6,50 an hour....i went in this morning (for the first timein 2 weeks) and they yelled at me for being 2 hours late. once again, carmen messed up and told me the wrong time to come in, this is not my fault, but somehow it is.anyway, i worked for 3 hours, then got sent home....this barely paid for my gas to drive there and back. its a problem. i gotta work tmrw and sunday too.

on monday i have an interview for an administrative assistant job at Professional Investments Kingston. I think it's up by the mall somewhere. The woman left a message on my cell saying it was an interview, but when i actually talked to her, she said "come in and try out the job". i seriously need to get this job, it is going to make or break my summer. carmen has me scheduled to work every day for the rest of the summer excluding mondays and tuesdays. that means i work all the time, and have no fun time. no trips to the states, no going on the boats, no going to wonderland and no going to megagh's cottage....aka it really sucks. esp since the money is below min wage. this new job (which im praying to get) sounds like something i'd be good at, and am even qualified to do. when i worked at maxtech i did a lot of office work stuff, and a shitload of data entry, both of which the new job asks for. i know about microsoft office, but i think pretty much everyone knows that :P and i took OAC accounting in high school and won 1st place in an accounting contest. i almost went into accounting instead of engineering. im actually thinking of becoming a CGA (certified general accountant) after engineering, but i might work for awhile first, that would be a lot of school. so i know what the company is about, and i would be good at the job. its an 8 week contract, which puts me at the end of august like i need. i so hope they want to hire me.

now im going to try to cheer myself up (again) and enjoy the rest of canada day. simon and megan and i are gonna go see the fireworks in ktown tonight. maybe have a bbq too. but there's only so maybe times you can cheer yourself up like that before you have to change what's making you unhappy. im going to have to quit my job soon or i won't be a happy person at all.
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I got good at driving yesterday :D and dad said i passed his test and i got to bring my car back to kingston. its a lot of fun to drive, altho there is still the occasional stalling incident. particularly when stopping on those invisible hills that i dont realize are hills. the car is pretty awesome too, much smaller than the sable, and about a million times more reliable. i filled the gas tank for $25 last night. the sable cost me $50 to fill!! also, the tercel has a lack of options. the station wagon is the luxury model from '92, but most of those luxuries dont work anymore. however, i wasnt aware that tilt steering was an option. i thought that was standard for all cars :P guess not. it does have cupholders. 3 of them in fact. and air conditioning, thats a new one.

work is still a lot of fun, altho incredibly busy. we basically run the entire time we're there. hardly ever get to sit down, and never get to eat dinner. kind of grab some food from the kitchen whenever i get a minute. im making a lot of money tho, mostly in tips. almsot $200 in the first week :) and its not even busy yet. even tho i thought saturday night was pretty crazy, it apparently was not.

sunday night we had this $35 cash tip that someone left on a table. they took the bill with them, and the busgirl couldnt remember which table it came from, so we didnt know whose money it was. it sat on the bar all afternoon. we didnt know what to do with it, our boss Carmen just told us to figure it out for ourselves. we ended up going to the tavern next door after work with it. bought drinks for the servers :) (me, travis and jessica) we were double fisting, it was funny. carmen thought it was pretty funny, what we did with our found money. the staff seems to always end up having drinks at the tavern when our shifts are over. everyone has 1 or 2 then we wait for awhile, till we're all sober enough to drive, then we go home. (we had to wait till almost 11:30 the night we found the $35 :P) never thought i'd have so much fun at work, this is an awesome summer!
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work = fun!!

Today was my second real day of work. The day I fainted didnt count. I had a few more tables today and im getting better at being a waitress. except i still dont know a lot about a bunch of things on the menu. like what kind of fish the fish and chips is. and i always forget to ask salad or fries. and what kind of salad dressing. but its much easier than being in school :)

also, i made $60 american tonight :D real money!!! the us of a is a 5 minute boat ride or 10 min car ride from the boathouse, i actually take the exit for the bridge to the usa to get there. so if ppl pay you with american money, you keep it all, then convert and give them change in cdn money. its pretty sweet. pretty soon i'll have a bigger stash of american $ than marilyn does!

i finished work about 9:30 and then we all went for a beer at the tavern next door. it was fun, they were telling hilarious stories from last night when they all went out to the bar. funny stuff. pretty much everyone lives in brockville and they go out in brockville, so i prolly wont be out with al of them a whole lot. they did go come to ktown a couple of times last year, so if they do it agian, ill be there for sure.

Had to drive home in the dark on the 401. i dont like doing that, but i guess i'll have to get used to it. i think its because i cant tell the colours very well at night, and so im not good at judging distances. on stop lights, the bottom light is blue, and the other 2 are the same colour. basically, if its not blue, i stop :P

i was invited to QP tonight...but i am le tired, therefore not going.
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So Peter opened his cupboard the other day and a mouse ran into the back. Further investigation revealed 5 half eaten packages of Mr. Noodles and a bag of rice with a hole. The cupboard was emptied and a mouse trap set. (Simon: "So thats why the last people left us those traps.") The following is a compilation of the events that took place tonight at 238 Albert.

Mouse Genocide @ 238 Albert

Mouse #1 TOD: unknown
COD: caught on snout
Description: baby mouse

Mouse #2 TOD: between 6:30 and 8:00 pm
COD: involuntary snout removal, loss of mouth, nose, possibly eyeball
Description: Sir Bleedsalot

Mouse #3 TOD: 9:10 pm (The 10 Minute Mouse)
COD: Trap to the neck
Description: “Standard Kill” very fat mouse (recently enjoyed some Mr. Noodles)

Mouse #4 TOD: 9:27 pm
COD: Heart Attack
Description: Average mouse, tried to escape, died on the way to the exit

Mouse #5 TOD: 9:32 pm
COD: trap to the stomach
Description: 5 Minute Mouse, who was followed by the 30 Second Mouse who was scared away when Simon opened the cupboard

Mouse #6 TOD: 9:52 pm
COD: Trap to the neck
Description: Mouse friends did not attempt to resuscitate, rather they ate the leftover peanut butter and ran away

Mouse #7/8 TOD: 10:00 pm
COD: Trap to the neck, trap to the snout
Description: “Double Kill” 1 still alive, now dead

Mouse #9 TOD: 10:20 pm
COD: Single blow to the axial spinal cord, led to paralysis and asphyxiation
Description: baby, slightly bloody, trap reloaded

Mouse #10 TOD: 10:39 pm
COD: Blow to the stomach
Description: still wiggling, slow death, put outside

Will update on any further developments at a later date.

What Not to Do on Your First Day at Work

I feel like I wrote about this same thing last summer, maybe it's because i did. i went to work today, and it was fun, except for the part where i fainted, fell on a case of empties and broke a bunch of beer bottles. i was standing beside erich, he was showing me how to split bills on the computer. suddenly didnt feel so good, and then i was on the floor. but im fine, just the low bp thing again.


on another note, work is going to be alot of fun. i just have to work on staying conscious.