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I really haven't been having a good past couple of weeks, kneewise. this thing is trying to kill me, i swear. i try not to think about it becuase it gets me so depressed, but thats virtually impossible when it's such a mess. i just want to walk, that should not be difficult. so i'm sorry if im not the greatest person to be around, or i leave stuff lying around a lot....i've had to put up with this for so long, its really getting me down.

i keep saying that its getting fixed in a few weeks, but really its not going to be instantly better, it will prolly take me about 2 months to be "good". i don't even know that the surgery will work - the last thing did nothing, and its now worse than before the shockwave thing. the doctors jsut tell me that nothing is wrong, and maybe this or that will help, but we're not really sure. i don't know what is wrong with it right now, could be lots of stuff, some of which arent fixable. so i guess im not that optimistic. its gotten so much worse over the summer, and compared to a year ago it's so much more fucked up now than it was then. i just want it to STOP.
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