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12:15 am: schools out
It's hard to beleive I was still studying just 2 days ago, feels like a long time. i set up my small bus yesterday, simon and megan helped me. its definitely pretty small and my stuff doesnt all fit. but the furniture does. except i need a closet/wardrobe but have no more room for one. we'll see about that. i may bump out the wall and extend into angie's room. :P

My dad bought a car today. :D It's a 1999 Toyota Tercel....and its a standard, which i currently do not know how to drive. so i get to learn it....fast! it was written in shawna's online journal, i read it, got excited and called home to wake them all up. oops. shawna had just gone to bed, and i figured she woulda been awake. she was pretty cranky tho....going on about how its her car, not mine, and how she will be needing to learn how to drive it too. which is true, shes jsut really bad at negotiating with anyone.

simon started work today, and he seems to like it alot. hes working in a lab in the hospital breaking cow and lamb bones. he got a fancy id badge this morning. he was pretty proud of that. :P megan and i cleaned a bit, did laundry, went to the ilc for internet and had a nap. tough day :P. we'll have to start working soon :P

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Date:May 4th, 2005 03:40 pm (UTC)

in the middle of the night

everyone is bad at negotiating when it is the middle of the night and you have just been abruptly awakened by the telephone! :P
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