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so, stuff

I've been pretty bored all week here, but its not so bad, doing nothing can be fun. (for awhile) We finally moved to the guys house on Sunday, we had to do a shitload of cleaning/painting/sanding/refinishing hardwood floors. I managed to forget a lot of my crap at our house, and keep coming back to get more stuff. at least there is free cable, phone and dial up internet here. ps. the boys phone number (and my number for the summer) is 546-6927. except that peter keeps forgetting to call bell to finish setting it up, so maybe it will work by the end of the week.

My parents bought a car :D 1999 toyota tercel, and its standard so i gotta learn how to drive it. shawna has it for this week, my parents are in new orleans. im going home for a couple of days next week to learn it, and then bring it back to ktown for the summer. i have my mom's car for now. I start work at the boathouse on sunday :) its gonna be fun!

I'm also looking into a tutoring job....this education center up by the mall is hiring. i dont really want to turn my brain on, but its high school chem and phys, so it cant be overly hard. and for $14 an hour, i think i could turn it on. ive got nothing else to do during the week. boathouse is only open weekends in May, after that i'll be full time down there.

thats about i said, its a bit boring down here. but things will pick up soon, once i start going to work. looking forward to seeing you guys (angela and colleen and whoever else) on the weekend! simon and megan have to go to simon's cousin's wedding in toronto, but pete and i will be around. cyas
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