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10:16 pm: Mousetrapulation
So Peter opened his cupboard the other day and a mouse ran into the back. Further investigation revealed 5 half eaten packages of Mr. Noodles and a bag of rice with a hole. The cupboard was emptied and a mouse trap set. (Simon: "So thats why the last people left us those traps.") The following is a compilation of the events that took place tonight at 238 Albert.

Mouse Genocide @ 238 Albert

Mouse #1 TOD: unknown
COD: caught on snout
Description: baby mouse

Mouse #2 TOD: between 6:30 and 8:00 pm
COD: involuntary snout removal, loss of mouth, nose, possibly eyeball
Description: Sir Bleedsalot

Mouse #3 TOD: 9:10 pm (The 10 Minute Mouse)
COD: Trap to the neck
Description: “Standard Kill” very fat mouse (recently enjoyed some Mr. Noodles)

Mouse #4 TOD: 9:27 pm
COD: Heart Attack
Description: Average mouse, tried to escape, died on the way to the exit

Mouse #5 TOD: 9:32 pm
COD: trap to the stomach
Description: 5 Minute Mouse, who was followed by the 30 Second Mouse who was scared away when Simon opened the cupboard

Mouse #6 TOD: 9:52 pm
COD: Trap to the neck
Description: Mouse friends did not attempt to resuscitate, rather they ate the leftover peanut butter and ran away

Mouse #7/8 TOD: 10:00 pm
COD: Trap to the neck, trap to the snout
Description: “Double Kill” 1 still alive, now dead

Mouse #9 TOD: 10:20 pm
COD: Single blow to the axial spinal cord, led to paralysis and asphyxiation
Description: baby, slightly bloody, trap reloaded

Mouse #10 TOD: 10:39 pm
COD: Blow to the stomach
Description: still wiggling, slow death, put outside

Will update on any further developments at a later date.


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