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10:57 pm: work = fun!!
Today was my second real day of work. The day I fainted didnt count. I had a few more tables today and im getting better at being a waitress. except i still dont know a lot about a bunch of things on the menu. like what kind of fish the fish and chips is. and i always forget to ask salad or fries. and what kind of salad dressing. but its much easier than being in school :)

also, i made $60 american tonight :D real money!!! the us of a is a 5 minute boat ride or 10 min car ride from the boathouse, i actually take the exit for the bridge to the usa to get there. so if ppl pay you with american money, you keep it all, then convert and give them change in cdn money. its pretty sweet. pretty soon i'll have a bigger stash of american $ than marilyn does!

i finished work about 9:30 and then we all went for a beer at the tavern next door. it was fun, they were telling hilarious stories from last night when they all went out to the bar. funny stuff. pretty much everyone lives in brockville and they go out in brockville, so i prolly wont be out with al of them a whole lot. they did go come to ktown a couple of times last year, so if they do it agian, ill be there for sure.

Had to drive home in the dark on the 401. i dont like doing that, but i guess i'll have to get used to it. i think its because i cant tell the colours very well at night, and so im not good at judging distances. on stop lights, the bottom light is blue, and the other 2 are the same colour. basically, if its not blue, i stop :P

i was invited to QP tonight...but i am le tired, therefore not going.

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Date:May 27th, 2005 04:19 pm (UTC)
Good to hear the job is coming along nicely :)
And american money... Oohhhhh! Americans do know how to tip!
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