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11:34 am: yo
I got good at driving yesterday :D and dad said i passed his test and i got to bring my car back to kingston. its a lot of fun to drive, altho there is still the occasional stalling incident. particularly when stopping on those invisible hills that i dont realize are hills. the car is pretty awesome too, much smaller than the sable, and about a million times more reliable. i filled the gas tank for $25 last night. the sable cost me $50 to fill!! also, the tercel has a lack of options. the station wagon is the luxury model from '92, but most of those luxuries dont work anymore. however, i wasnt aware that tilt steering was an option. i thought that was standard for all cars :P guess not. it does have cupholders. 3 of them in fact. and air conditioning, thats a new one.

work is still a lot of fun, altho incredibly busy. we basically run the entire time we're there. hardly ever get to sit down, and never get to eat dinner. kind of grab some food from the kitchen whenever i get a minute. im making a lot of money tho, mostly in tips. almsot $200 in the first week :) and its not even busy yet. even tho i thought saturday night was pretty crazy, it apparently was not.

sunday night we had this $35 cash tip that someone left on a table. they took the bill with them, and the busgirl couldnt remember which table it came from, so we didnt know whose money it was. it sat on the bar all afternoon. we didnt know what to do with it, our boss Carmen just told us to figure it out for ourselves. we ended up going to the tavern next door after work with it. bought drinks for the servers :) (me, travis and jessica) we were double fisting, it was funny. carmen thought it was pretty funny, what we did with our found money. the staff seems to always end up having drinks at the tavern when our shifts are over. everyone has 1 or 2 then we wait for awhile, till we're all sober enough to drive, then we go home. (we had to wait till almost 11:30 the night we found the $35 :P) never thought i'd have so much fun at work, this is an awesome summer!

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Date:June 2nd, 2005 07:28 am (UTC)
I wish I could have that much fun at work!
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