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04:06 pm: Happy Canada Day
Yay Canada Day, and yay long weekend. oh wait, i have to work. and oh yeah, everyone else who s working makes about $200 a day....i get 6,50 an hour....i went in this morning (for the first timein 2 weeks) and they yelled at me for being 2 hours late. once again, carmen messed up and told me the wrong time to come in, this is not my fault, but somehow it is.anyway, i worked for 3 hours, then got sent home....this barely paid for my gas to drive there and back. its a problem. i gotta work tmrw and sunday too.

on monday i have an interview for an administrative assistant job at Professional Investments Kingston. I think it's up by the mall somewhere. The woman left a message on my cell saying it was an interview, but when i actually talked to her, she said "come in and try out the job". i seriously need to get this job, it is going to make or break my summer. carmen has me scheduled to work every day for the rest of the summer excluding mondays and tuesdays. that means i work all the time, and have no fun time. no trips to the states, no going on the boats, no going to wonderland and no going to megagh's cottage....aka it really sucks. esp since the money is below min wage. this new job (which im praying to get) sounds like something i'd be good at, and am even qualified to do. when i worked at maxtech i did a lot of office work stuff, and a shitload of data entry, both of which the new job asks for. i know about microsoft office, but i think pretty much everyone knows that :P and i took OAC accounting in high school and won 1st place in an accounting contest. i almost went into accounting instead of engineering. im actually thinking of becoming a CGA (certified general accountant) after engineering, but i might work for awhile first, that would be a lot of school. so i know what the company is about, and i would be good at the job. its an 8 week contract, which puts me at the end of august like i need. i so hope they want to hire me.

now im going to try to cheer myself up (again) and enjoy the rest of canada day. simon and megan and i are gonna go see the fireworks in ktown tonight. maybe have a bbq too. but there's only so maybe times you can cheer yourself up like that before you have to change what's making you unhappy. im going to have to quit my job soon or i won't be a happy person at all.

Current Mood: anxiousanxious
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