driving update

I come back to Belleville for a couple of days to learn how to drive the new car. So far, I haven't stalled it yet :).....but im not so great at the taking off thing, but it will be ok, only had 1 lesson. I guess physics is pretty cool, I understand how the engine is actualluy working versus Shawna who just knows how to make it work.

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Yay!! I passed all my classes! :D (thats a new thing for me :P) fluids and meth processing werent so good at all, but still passes. orgo and thermo turned out awesome :D and i made $50 today cleaning up crap from chuck's backyard.

so, stuff

I've been pretty bored all week here, but its not so bad, doing nothing can be fun. (for awhile) We finally moved to the guys house on Sunday, we had to do a shitload of cleaning/painting/sanding/refinishing hardwood floors. I managed to forget a lot of my crap at our house, and keep coming back to get more stuff. at least there is free cable, phone and dial up internet here. ps. the boys phone number (and my number for the summer) is 546-6927. except that peter keeps forgetting to call bell to finish setting it up, so maybe it will work by the end of the week.

My parents bought a car :D 1999 toyota tercel, and its standard so i gotta learn how to drive it. shawna has it for this week, my parents are in new orleans. im going home for a couple of days next week to learn it, and then bring it back to ktown for the summer. i have my mom's car for now. I start work at the boathouse on sunday :) its gonna be fun!

I'm also looking into a tutoring job....this education center up by the mall is hiring. i dont really want to turn my brain on, but its high school chem and phys, so it cant be overly hard. and for $14 an hour, i think i could turn it on. ive got nothing else to do during the week. boathouse is only open weekends in May, after that i'll be full time down there.

thats about it...like i said, its a bit boring down here. but things will pick up soon, once i start going to work. looking forward to seeing you guys (angela and colleen and whoever else) on the weekend! simon and megan have to go to simon's cousin's wedding in toronto, but pete and i will be around. cyas
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schools out

It's hard to beleive I was still studying just 2 days ago, feels like a long time. i set up my small bus yesterday, simon and megan helped me. its definitely pretty small and my stuff doesnt all fit. but the furniture does. except i need a closet/wardrobe but have no more room for one. we'll see about that. i may bump out the wall and extend into angie's room. :P

My dad bought a car today. :D It's a 1999 Toyota Tercel....and its a standard, which i currently do not know how to drive. so i get to learn it....fast! it was written in shawna's online journal, i read it, got excited and called home to wake them all up. oops. shawna had just gone to bed, and i figured she woulda been awake. she was pretty cranky tho....going on about how its her car, not mine, and how she will be needing to learn how to drive it too. which is true, shes jsut really bad at negotiating with anyone.

simon started work today, and he seems to like it alot. hes working in a lab in the hospital breaking cow and lamb bones. he got a fancy id badge this morning. he was pretty proud of that. :P megan and i cleaned a bit, did laundry, went to the ilc for internet and had a nap. tough day :P. we'll have to start working soon :P
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good week

I had a geat reading week, skiing was awesome, i've never gone that fast on skis in my life!!! the real snow is just sooo much faster than the man-made stuff. it was amazing. the 2 feet of powder we got over 2 days was also very fun. we decided we need to go skiing out west next year.....im thinking panorama....

but the biggest thing im happy about is my knee. it works so well! :D i wasnt even thinking about it, and it worked very well, even when i landed jumps on it...altho i have to say that landing on one leg is sketchy, esp when your other leg is way up in the air....but i didnt bail :P when you've had someting like that for so long you are really grateful when it finally stops hurting. i love it.

now....back to school and trying to catch up and stop failing stuff, as if thats ever going to happen. i think i will have to "withdraw voluntarily" from micro, since there is no way i got more than 20% on that midterm. which also means dropping out of biomedical chem....i really dont know what i want to do with myself. but since i dont know what else to be in, im staying in chem. we'll see what happens, ill prolly end up here for an extra year yet.
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ok, so maybe it's not perfect....

my knee ached all day and is pretty puffy....yay.....i didn't really do anything to it, it prolly just wants more time to heal itself before i go nuts with it :P. aren't knees awesome? dont fuck them up, lol.
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tremblant is awesome

Just got home a little while ago after a 6 hour car ride thru the snow with my family....yes....that was fun....i wrote this next part on christmas eve when i was super excited that i'd just spent the day skiing. yes, my knee has survived, and performed amazingly well!!! im sooo happy with it!! i think its finally fixed. it hasnt been really bad in almost 3 weeks, and i thought maybe it was fixed, and now im more sure of it :D this is REALLY cool!

I just had the best day ever!!! First of all, I’m at Tremblant, a place that “just makes you feel good” as said by my dad. I’m also in the land of walk-in beer coolers in the IGA and beer on sale in cafeteria’s between the sandwiches and nacho chips. Also, I went skiing!!! :D:D:D sooo fun!!! I kinda forgot what I was doing/was scared I’d fuck up my knee but after I took a lesson from the super hot ski instructor, I remembered a lot, and got good again. It was amazing…..you just let go and let your ski’s turn, it’s a great feeling. I ran into my surgeon, Dr. Gordon who is also on vacation with his family here, this morning while my dad was buying lift tickets. I thanked him and he was amazed at how happy and excited I was to be going skiing again. Billy saw us talking to him on the Tremblant webcam :P Then tonight, we went to the pool, La Source and found Dr. Gordon there with his 2 sons. I was invited to join an obstacle course game with them around the pool, including jumping off rocks and the tarzan rope. He showed his kids how he had “signed” my knee, they thought that was pretty cool. He’s a really great person and im glad he fixed it so I can ski again!!! :D we’re going out for dinner to a fondue restaurant here and then its Christmas :D see you all soon, Merry Christmas!!

PS, I got my dad to buy the blue miss vicki’s even tho he thought sweet chili and sour cream sounded gross. Now he wont stop eating them and wants to rename them “Beer drinking chips” sounds about right to me!

Also, my parents have bought me a cool, but random christmas present. i wasnt aware i had even asked for this, or really know what to do with it right now. oh well. betcha cant guess what it is!! (hint: GOOD LUCK) i have to put it together tmrw.
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I really haven't been having a good past couple of weeks, kneewise. this thing is trying to kill me, i swear. i try not to think about it becuase it gets me so depressed, but thats virtually impossible when it's such a mess. i just want to walk, that should not be difficult. so i'm sorry if im not the greatest person to be around, or i leave stuff lying around a lot....i've had to put up with this for so long, its really getting me down.

i keep saying that its getting fixed in a few weeks, but really its not going to be instantly better, it will prolly take me about 2 months to be "good". i don't even know that the surgery will work - the last thing did nothing, and its now worse than before the shockwave thing. the doctors jsut tell me that nothing is wrong, and maybe this or that will help, but we're not really sure. i don't know what is wrong with it right now, could be lots of stuff, some of which arent fixable. so i guess im not that optimistic. its gotten so much worse over the summer, and compared to a year ago it's so much more fucked up now than it was then. i just want it to STOP.
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