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Everybody wish Will good luck tmrw, he is getting his wrist fixed and will fortunately/unfortunately be joining my gimpy club. I will get you all. muahahahahahaha!! jk, think of will tmrw :)
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Kill Bill 2

I rented Kill Bill 2 tonight, so that I could see a better version than the one Glen downloaded. Also, being much more sober than the first time I watched it, I found it to be a very good movie. I knew I liked it before, but wasnt quite sure why. Probably due to that strange concoction Glen and Tina made for me, mildly flavoured tequila which has apparently since been named "Tornado". But ya, really good movie. The five-fingering teqnique was funnier the first time tho, lol. Sorry to anyone who was trying to listen to the tense scene at that time, but the 3 drunks in the back found it absolutely hilarious!!
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Apparently my sister does not know about the history thing on my internet. i came across her version of a live journal tonight. i start reading it. it is the SAME as mine word for word!! this means she has been reading mine and copying and pasting into her own. looks like im changing the computer password yet again. i dont know why she would do that, like write your own journal??? how lame IS this???
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I met an Eng Frosh who looks like Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Good times! Tom wants to buy my books.....can we go home yet???? i cant wait.
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1000 islands poker run!!!

wow. what a weekend. so much stuff happened I dont even know where to begin. It was rediculously fun. ktown friday night to see the boats in the harbour, poker run with tina on saturday at Jamie and Lisa's island and lying on the boats at a beach off Grenadier Island all day today. Tough life.

Tina now thinks my family and bill and marilyn are completely nuts, not that we werent before, it has simply been confirmed yet again. There are so many stories I want to tell you all, but they would take forever to tell here, so they can wait till PreWeek. I'll jsut mention a few things that i have learned this weekend and explain the stories later.

1. Jagermeister shots are not good. Don't let randoms buy them for you.
2. Car Rally's seem like a lot of fun. I will come next year :D
3. You can get thrown in the air when Bill hits the wakes of ocean liners. Seriously big boats.
4. There is NOT a path all the way around Hemlock Island. Tina and I almost had to swim back. oh dear, and then of course I had to pee.
5. Since this summer's weather sucks so much, I have a better chance of getting a tan from windburn than i do from a sunburn, if that is possible.
6. Contacts are great, I shoulda got them long long ago.
7. We (my family plus bill adn marilyn) have a few Summer Anthems, as named by Tina. These include Margaritaville, Jingle Jangle, Black Betty, Bad to the Bone and Sweet Home Alabama. All are very good times, especially Black Betty.

That is all, I'm sleeping now, work tmrw :S

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I just got home from work....i cant stand my work anymore. It's really getting to me. I could not work there fulltime, i swear i would shoot myself. And I'm not even feeling sorry for myself anymore, i'm feeling bad for everyone else that works there. These people have absolutely no hope for themselves. At my work, there is ALWAYS someone watching every little thing you do, and they pounce on you each time u make a small mistake. All of the employees undermine their colleauges, and all hate the bosses. The management team are not the brightest ppl going, but still, i think they do a good enough job, of what they are capable of doing. There are always rumours, and it's all stupid. Maxtech is a business that makes one man very rich and leaves everyone else fighting to make ends meet. Most ppl like to be successful in their lives, doing something. It's all relative, so being super rich isnt always what makes someone think they are successful in their live. There's lots of other things. It's terrible what this company does. The people I work with dont have enough money to come to Subway for lunch with me. They all bring their lunches or go to the Pizza Gallery down the street, $2 for pizza. It's just lunch, but they cant afford it. I feel like I am one of the smartest ppl in the building, but they wont let me do anything to help. I type. and type. and get shit for when i type wrong. and type. It is very degrading to work there. Nothing ever changes at that place. I cant believe I went back (twice) to this job.
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another day over

today was pretty boring at work, not much for me to do so i went to the back and helped Scott stage. (assemble the interac machines, with like terminals and pinpads and things) it was alright, had fun working with scott. i went down to the boathouse to drop off a picture CD for anita from last week at Sandbanks. So of course, once i got there, I had to have a beer. It would just be wierd if i didnt. i looking forward to the poker run this weekend, but sad too that i cant come to colleen's car rally. that will be fun. the poker run will also be good times, altho it is supposed to rain on friday :( we have a plan if it does. sit at the boathouse int eh tavern and get very very drunk. havent been down there yet this year, so it will be sooooo much fun!! cant wait.
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i went shopping with my mom tonight. "If you were skinnier, that would look good."

thanks mom.

ps. they've been lecturing shawna and i on how to adults. wow, i need to get out.
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i cant handle this anymore!!!! i am NOT living at home ever again, i will be staying in kingston next summer, even if i am there by myself. im at work and its 6, but i do not want to leave. i'd rather stay here than go home. i called hom an hour ago to see if we were going on the boat, since the sun is shining for once. instead, my mother answers the phone and bitches at me for "fighting" with shawna about the car. its not fighting as much as it is shawna has the car when she wants or else. i didnt have it at all last week. anyways, im supposed to go home and sit with them over supper, and have a talk about the family. at this point i could really care less. i am leaving in 3 weeks and me talking to them (AGAIN!!!) will nto fix teh situation. i cnat stand how stupid this is. i have to go
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stupid mondays....

Today is beautifully sunny and warm, and i have to go enter addresses and merchant numbers. wooohhhoooo. how comeit is never this nice on the weekends when i can actually have some fun?!?!....bastards...

i am kind of happy to go to work in that i wont have to be at home all day. my mom is driving me nuts. she tells me and shawna that she doesnt want to be a mother anymore. cool, thanks mom. only not. when we go for supper she sits alone at the end of the table and says nothing. its like she perpetually upset/pissed off, and nothing changes her mood. none of us actually want to be around her when she is like that. yes i fight with shawna about the car and shit, but no it is not a big deal and no, i do not hate my sister. the whole situation is on crack. my family has no major problems or issues but my mom acts as tho we do. if there was an actual problem, my mom would not be able to handle it at all, so i hope there never is one. wow, i would never say that to my kids. "i dont want to be your mother anymore". oh well.....

im off to work, but i have to go have a shower.....my hair is full of many many knots, i didnt brush it after riding in the boat. have a great day everyone!!

WTF??I'm listening to the belleville radio.....we have a TRAFFIC REPORT?!?! why???? "All routes clear in the Belleville/Kingston area, no accidents at this time."....duh
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